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'Wi-Fi'에 해당되는 글 2건

  1. 2009.07.24 무선 랜카드가 달린 microSD
  2. 2009.07.20 애플도 중국에겐 지네. 쩝 (1)
2009. 7. 24. 17:49 모발꼼
일본에서 재미난 제품이 나왔습니다.

바로 microSD card + WiFi module!!

                                                          [출처 : k-tai.impress]

뭐.. 엄밀히 말하면 data storage 역할을 못한다고 하니

microSD 처럼 생긱 Wi-Fi 카드라고 할까요?

Eye-fi 를 모방한 것처럼 보이기도 하지만

쓰임새가 휴대폰 용으로 확장되었다는 점에서 주목할 만합니다.

가격은 3 ~ 4 만원 정도가 될 거라고 하네요.

WiFi 장착이 별로 되지 않은 한국에선 아주 쓸만한 제품이 되지 않을까용?

[출처 : 일본신문]



 今回参考出品された「携帯電話向けmicroSD 無線LANカード」は、IEEE802.11b/gに準拠の無線LAN機能をmicroSDカードサイズにしたもの。ミツミ電機製とルネサステクノロジ製の2つが展示された。

 auの2009年夏モデルでは、東芝製のCDMA 1X WIN端末「biblio」において無線LAN機能を提供している。会場の説明員によれば、今回microSDカード化された無線チップはbiblioに搭載されたものと同じという。なお、商用化および商品化時期は未定。開発側としては、エンドユーザー向けを想定したものだという。価格についても明言はさけられたが、2000~3000円程度ではないかと話していた。



microSD型無線LANカードをパソコンに装着 動画ストリーミングのデモ


(津田 啓夢)

2009/7/22/ 16:48

posted by 우주인토마스

댓글을 달아 주세요

2009. 7. 20. 17:29 모발꼼
애플이 중국에 저항하지 않는 것은 막강한 물량 때문이겠죠.

중국의 WAPI 기준에 부합되지 않기에 WiFi를 s/w 적으로 죽이기만 해도 되겠지만

적극적으로 아예 모듈을 덜어 내는 것은 백기 들었다고 봐야죠..


참고로 중국은 Wi-Fi를 돌릴려면 대륙의 기준인 WAPI를 만족해야 합니다.

중국은 뭐든 대륙의 기준이 남다릅니다.

wireless DTV, Mobile TV, Wi-Fi 등등 모조리..

내수 규모가 왠만한 권역 규모와 맞먹는 다는 것은 정말 엄청난 것입니다.

Report: ‘Crippled’ iPhone coming to China in September

Posted by Philip Elmer-DeWitt


China Unicom and Apple (
AAPL) have reportedly signed an agreement to launch a specially-built version of the iPhone in China, perhaps as early as September.

The report, published Friday by China Business Network, credits Hon Hai — the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics components and Apple’s long-time partner — with helping broker the deal.

Under its terms, Hon Hai — using its tradename Foxconn — will build a special version of the iPhone for the Chinese market with Wi-Fi disabled, allowing Apple to get around Beijing’s restrictions on handsets with high-speed Internet capability.

“I believe we are at the beginning stages of a mobile revolution,” says iPhonAsia editor Dan Butterfield, who explored the implications of the deal Friday in a long Q&A with China’s Mobinode.tv (see below).

There were several independent reports last week that Hon Hai is already manufacturing the crippled iPhones — code named “model 90″ — and that the China Telecommunication Technology Labs have begun mandatory testing.

Such tests are required by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and usually take at least a month, which is why the phone is not expected to reach Chinese consumers much before September.

In his Mobinode Q&A, Butterfield draws a picture the size and nature of the potential market:

“There are over 700 million wireless consumers in China. The majority are youthful, status conscious, and they want to own cool smartphones loaded with the latest apps/games and mobile technologies that allow them to interact with one another.

“While incomes are lower in China compared to western markets, China still has tremendous consuming power. There are an estimated 340,000 millionaires in China and there is also a growing middle-class. An estimated 290 million Chinese households can be classified as middle-class with monthly incomes ranging from 5,000 CNY to 15,000 CNY ($732 to $2,196 USD). Chinese tend to save a relatively high share of their monthly take home pay. Rainy day savings can sometimes be spent on more expensive items, particularly if the product has status and is used every day … think iPhone.

“All of this adds up to a tremendous potential market for Apple’s iPhone. Using conservative estimates, I believe Apple can capture a full 2% share of the wireless market in China within the first 12 months of an official iPhone launch. That’s 14 million iPhones and perhaps another 2 million or so coming via grey-market iPhone sales.”

For the rest of Butterfield’s Mobinode interview, see here.

See also:

posted by 우주인토마스

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  1. 후레드군 2009.07.26 15:33 신고  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    뭐 이긴다 진다라기 보다, 거대한 수익을 낳는 시장이니 당연한 선택이 아니었을까 합니다만-

    안그래도 애플 제품들은 마진율이 엄청 높은데, 그나마도 부품 하나 더 제거하고 파는거니

    애플입장에서는 거절할 이유가 없겠죠- 물량으로 따지면 무선랜 모듈 하나 떼어네는 공정

    추가해도 엄청 남을테니.....